Amphora is a leading company which produces, imports & supplies high quality specialty foods. We are a unique company in that it is family run from start to finish.

Our focus is importing premium organic extra virgin olive oil from the nutrient rich soils of Crete, Greece.

Vlatos Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced solely by mechanical means and without the use of heat. The olives are hand-picked in the mountain village of Vlatos, a district of Chania, Crete, Greece. Only Tsounati olives are used to produce Vlatos’ exceptional olive oil. Our olives are pressed within a mere 8 hours of being picked from the tree, another factor which distinguishes our oil and contributes to the superb quality of our organic olive oil. The Tsourounakis family is proud to stand behind this harvest.

Our mission is to provide an array of high quality, nutritional food products from a Mediterranean micro-climate, to the North American table for everyday consumption. Hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them accessible to you!

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